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Sunday, October 7, 2007

We're baack

We made it home fine Wednesday and we had a day at home too... well, sort of. Owen and I drove to the scratch and dent appliance place Thursday and took advantage of Georgia's 'no sales tax on energy saving appliances' weekend (Oct 4-7). We were able to find all the appliances we need for the house except the gas cooktop--we will keep looking for that one.

Thursday night, James was cranky and never really fell off to sleep. At 2:00a.m., he spiked a fever of 38.6*c (101.5*F). After talking by phone with the pediatric oncologist on call, Hannah, James and I headed off to the emergency center in Macon. They gave him antibiotics and fluid, drew some labs for culturing and said we could go home, but to call if James got another fever.

Friday James did well, until bedtime. He was pretty uncomfortable. We thought maybe he was in pain because he was shaking and crying and was inconsolable--even with Lortab. At 11 p.m., he spiked a fever again. This time it was 38.8*c (101.85*F). We talked again to the oncologist on call and headed back to Macon. Everyone communicated well and it turns out that the previous culture was already growing out gram negative rods. This includes scary little bacteria like E. coli, klebsiella and entero bacteria. All fine bacteria in the right place, but not in the blood. James got more antibiotics, gave a little more blood for more cultures and took an ambulance ride to Children's. Hannah and I followed in the car.

Now that we know what he needs in terms of antibiotics, he is doing MUCH better. It turns out, his culture also grew out staph, but we don't know which kind yet.

Vern and the other children drove up to spend the day with us today.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Love, Stephanie

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