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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Home again, home again...

We are grateful to be home. We came home Tuesday afternoon. It looks like the staph infection that was growing out in James' blood culture looks to have been caused by some sort of contamination since none of the other cultures ever grew out staph. This is very good, though they were treating him for staph, just in case.

We came home with IV antibiotics (meripeninem--I have know idea if I am spelling that right, the label says Merrem). The entero bacteria that grew out in his grew culture was very sensitive to this drug, so all the doctors agree this was the way to go. I have to give it to him three times a day (7a.m., 3p.m., 10p.m.), so that is a little more challenging/limiting that the vancomycin we did twice a day before. is far less limiting than being in the hospital!!!

The weather has been phenomenal here--anyone from Minnesota want to plan a visit? :*)... we are all looking forward to sitting on our front porch in the evenings and watching the stars. It is very dark out here and as Owen said last night as he was staring up at the sky when I brought him home from the house, "Momma, it's really neat. The more you look at the stars and try to count them, the more there are!"

We have lots of plans for progress on the house over the next several days. Vern has school holidays on Friday and Monday and we have friends planning to help us get the bulk of the painting done on Saturday. We all missed church on Sunday and are looking forward to being back this week... all Lord willing.

Thanks for your notes, I am trying to figure out how to respond via e-mail easily. Thanks for being patient with me. Pam, I'd love to hear more about your new little girl and life with two soldiers in the family.

Love to all... Stephanie

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