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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Alive and well

Just a quick post here to let you know that we are indeed alive and well. We've done a few more stints in the hospital since I last wrote and we moved in to our new home November 3rd. Which we could not have done without the Lord providing so many many folks to bless us--the C's--whose home we invaded for SEVEN months--thanks PJB&L (they even said they've missed us! what great friends!), Joey&co who sold us our land for a great price and through in framing our house to boot...never mind all the land clearing, tree pushing, subcontractor coordinating and coaching, David&co who got our foundation in a month ahead of schedule as a gift, John&crew who put on our roof for the cost of materials, Bruce who has tirelessly handled so many of the fine details to make things work and continues to do so even without the motivation to get his room back! WE are blessed beyond words to have so many great folks in our lives...

We did get to enjoy Thanksgiving in our new home although we had hoped to spend that week with Mom Skelly, who celebrated 90 years Thanksgiving day. We weren't able to make it due to an unplanned hospital stay, but we know God has a plan in it all and we are grateful to Him for His protective hand in our lives.

Now it is December (wherever did the year go?) and we are continuing to settle in and prepare for the holidays. We aren't missing the snow yet, but then there wasn't a lot of snow the last few winters.

The hospital changed it's rules on blog access and I can no longer post from there. I am trying to get a photo album up on Picasa, but it keeps telling me I need an internet connection to upload. Doesn't dial up count? :*)...

Wishing you a wonderfully blessed holiday season... and hoping to be able to post some in the meantime. Thanks for checking up on us...I'm working on catching up with e-mails too... it's all a slow process and I appreciate your patience!

Love, Stephanie

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