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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pray for James--the link

[Updated to add: some, including me, are having trouble with the link below, but it is working for others--including me, some of the time! So... I am including this link too. One should work for you. Once you get to the page, be sure to scroll down to find the sign up sheet!...God bless you... and thanks to my Dad for calling to let me know it wasn't working!]

We sure appreciate the prayer support all of you have covered James with over the last year (it will be one year Thursday since James got his initial diagnosis of leukemia). You can sign up to help cover James with prayer for 24-hours (30 minutes at a time) at this link. James will be getting his vincristine, which has, in the past, been hard for him to tolerate, Thursday morning sometime around 9:30 or 10 or so, depending on how things flow at the clinic.

Thanks in advance for what you are willing to do for James...and the glory of God!

With love and gratefulness,


P.S. One sweet friend called me to let me know she would be praying, but she was going to visit her sister with Alzheimer's this week and would pray, but not sign up for a specific time, because life is unpredictable there. PLEASE know that we aren't grading anyone for signing up or not. We are just giving any one who can an opportunity to sign up to cover James in prayer for a day....

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