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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Becca's birthday

On February 12th, Rebecca turned eight! So hard to believe...she is growing up so fast! Her big request was to do her birthday when Daddy could be home for the meals, so on her day, we sang Happy Birthday--we have a few versions we like to sing!--off and on throughout the day. On Saturday we had brunch--eggs-in-a-basket, bacon, country fried potatoes, kiwi and fruit juice. We also had lots of outside work to do during the day and supper was grilled hot dogs (a special treat for us, we get Hebrew Nationals...mmmm), french fries and corn-on-the-cob.

Becca enjoyed a farm theme (she picked it) and gift-wise, she had a pretty horse-y birthday! Among her gifts were a 'how-to-draw-horses' art book--very nicely done and we are getting started on it, and several horse books--one a fascinating book of breeds in addition to _My Friend, Flicka_, _The Black Stallion_, _Black Beauty_. Since Vern was home for four days over the weekend, we enjoyed reading some aloud. We especially enjoyed _The Black Stallion_.

The table
Birthday signs, by Owen, the sign and light guy!
Becca really wanted party hats...these are paper 'straw' hats to go with the farm theme.

James wanted me to wear my hat this way, so he could 'honk' my nose!
By dinner time Saturday, we were too full and too tired for cake, so we save it for Sunday.
The birthday girl!
She chose carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Love, Stephanie

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Nona said...

LOVED all the photos of the Birthday Girl's special day. Waiting for my 'horse drawing'... ;-) Love and Hugs to all - especially Becca -- love you Nona