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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Vern!

Vern had a birthday last week. We like birthdays...they're sort of like holidays... sort of. Vern turned 46 and he was feeling a little old. I think that had more to do with the clearing work we have been doing around here and his early mornings to get up and grade papers for school than it does with his age, though!

I am grateful for my dear, sweet wonderful husband. He enjoys the quiet of being home together. He LOVES our children. He takes good care of us and works hard to provide for our family--not just at his job, but around our homestead, too, by planning ahead and working to be sure we can always 'eat the fruit of our hands', as the Lord blesses. Vern is manly, but not macho. He is a firm believer that all the jobs around here are his and he welcomes our help. That means when we fall behind or are worn out (usually from special projects, but sometimes from life...and sometimes from our own laziness :( ), he jumps right in to help us catch up. He knows it helps everyone--and he is right!

He moved us to a place where we have community and a wonderful church home. Where we can learn more about loving the Lord and living for Him and teaching our children to do the same.

Vern is responsible and full of integrity. He is not a hard-charging command man or visionary, but he is steady (see Debi Pearl's book, Created to be his Helpmeet) and he leads us all gently along, one babystep at a time, most days! His steadiness brings comfort, peace and predictablity when life does not.

One thing I especially appreciate about Vern is his special love for James. Many men would struggle having a child with special needs. When James was born and the doctor told him that they thought James had Down syndrome, his first response was concern for me--who who would tell Stephanie? was Stephanie okay? Vern has always seen James for the precious gift that he is and he takes pride in all of James' accomplishments, great or small.

I love you, Mr. Bear! Happy Birthday... and many, many more!

The birthday guy with his two littlest treasures.
Love, Stephanie
You can still sign up to pray for James here. You should also be able to type in Thanks to all who have signed up! What a blessing to see all the sign up reports come in by e-mail last night! God bless you richly.

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