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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Life around here

James loves to climb into the bottom part of the entertainment center. I would like to have the space to put away videos, but alas, I cannot find it in my heart to fight James for his treasured 'playhouse'!

The children moved the livingroom into the diningroom one day, built a stage and did a 'play' that evening. They had a grand time and it was fun to watch. The amazing part to me was how quickly it all got clean up and put away. Got a clean livingroom out of the deal too!
James likes to walk with his walker toy that he got for his third birthday (back in December--sorry, I never posted on that). Recently, he was caught on film walking with his toy and pulling his pole around too (quite a feat!). He was getting his tube feeding at the time.
For Christmas, Carrie Rose (almost 5) got her Kindergarten books and we got started on her official schoolwork in January. She hates to miss a day!
We have been trying to take a walk each evening before dinner--we've missed more lately as we have been trying to get 'homesteading projects' done. But we always enjoy the walks when we get out. Our road is a lovely place to walk.

Rubber band shooting championship held in our 'Big room' one Saturday morning in lieu of real work. A grand time was had by all and Daddy and Owen tied for first! (It's my story, I can tell it however I want. :*) )

Thanks for checking on us... Next up, after the thunderstorm, Lord willing... garden photos!!!
Have a great week!
Love, Stephanie

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