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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cheap date

We had a fun Valentine's Day. At home, we tried to keep the schedule pretty true, except in the morning we switched a few things around and had 'read aloud' time all piled and snuggled up on our bed instead of the couch. Poor Vern was already at work. We finished our then-current read aloud, the second in the Crown and Covenant series, King's Arrow. We have learned a good deal about the Scottish covenanters reading these books and look forward to the third book. I am hoping to read more about this period of history once we finish the trilogy.

In the afternoon, Katie fried chicken--something she has wanted to do for a while. Owen made some woven paper placemats, Becca and Carrie made some cards and wrapped a couple of candy hearts for their Daddy and Momma. All the 'goodies' were collected with some potato salad, sourdough bread and artichoke antipasto, in a basket. Vern tried to leave work on time, but had students come for help--that is a good thing, so we don't complain! When he came home, we had our family devotional time and then Vern and I took the goodie basket and headed to town. The children enjoyed fried chicken, homemade french fries and chips along with a video.

Since James had this week off from chemo and I had no other need to go to town, Vern and I did the shopping we needed to do and then went to the Valentine Card aisle. We read most of the 'his' and 'hers' cards and passed them to each other. Some time ago, we figured that it was more fun to go to the card store and read and share and laugh over several cards than to agonize over choosing one, spend money and maybe read it again once or twice in the next eight years (if it hadn't been tossed in a move!)!

Of course, it's cheaper too!

Happy Valentine's day!

Love, Stephanie

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