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Monday, February 25, 2008

Big boy!

Recently, James decided he wanted to try yogurt. We put it through his g-tube (thinned with milk and beefed up with protein powder and more probitiocs). It has been a while since he's eaten much.
I don't know if the interest was in the yogurt or the spoon and I'm pretty sure more ended up on James' sweet little face than in his tummy. But this is definitely moving in the right direction.

James is a pro and 'bear crawling' on all fours. This, his therapist in Minnesota told us, is great for developing the strength and control in his hand, wrist and forearm. Which is, of course, important for feeding himself and writing or coloring.
He likes to 'draw' and 'color' and I am amazed, and grateful, to see how well he can hold the pencil. I really don't remember his brother and sisters doing so well at that age.
Saturday morning, while I was fixing breakfast, James pushed a chair over from the table to the sink(they have felt pads on the legs that make them easy to push), climbed up in the chair, took a dish cloth and started working on jelly roll pan that was in the sink. He had a GREAT time!

Thanks for checking on us...hope to post more photos and that pray for James link soon. In the meantime, we need to get out in the garden!

Love, Stephanie

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