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Friday, January 4, 2008

Great report from the docs and good news from home

We made it to James January 3rd clinic visit without too much excitement. There were no fevers and no emergency rooms visits, PTL! We did use pain meds to keep him comfortable and we had to keep him home from church once due to a bleeding mucous fistula, but for the most part, he has been a normal little boy in his interest in things around him and his activity level (that means he is getting in to everything we don't keep him out of!) Since his counts are so good, we get more chemo starting last night at 9:15 and ending today at 3:15p.m.

Here are a few pictures from around home:

Carrie and James looking out the window as we began our smattering of Christmas decorations.
Some friends in the community passed along a little pony. James will sit on it if it is in a box, but he gets really nervous about falling off when the pony is out in the open.
Katie is really good about taking time to read to the little three, which they love. A current favorite is "The Great Quillow".
Hannah likes to fix Carrie's hair (which has since been trimmed, but is still pretty long). James likes to watch.

Reported seen on a bumper sticker:
"My kid has more chromosomes than your kid" :*)

Please pray for James as his chemo continues for quite a while into the future. Sometimes the side effects or missing nutrients can cause a good bit of discomfort. We have been jealously guarding our family time with Vern on vacation from school. We've enjoyed Christmas and time together and are getting a good bit done in settling into the house. That will be ongoing for a while, too, but we are so glad to be taking baby steps forwards.

I'm working on a year in review post. HOpefully it will be up before Easter!

Love, Stephanie

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