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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back in the saddle, more or less

We are coming around here and looking for a closer to normal day--just lots of coughing, throat clearn and snuffling in the background.

We just finished lunch and in the background I hear: a CD (Majesty and Glory) playing "Whiter than snow" in the background, children finishing up lunch, James 'talking' as he watches the other children have things he wants and the hand grinder (run by Owen) to make flour for Katie to bake a couple of loaves of homemade bread.

Laundry is moving through the washer and dryer and the 'folders' and we hope to catch up today (this is the routine--catching up on Monday and Tuesday after a day or two off!)

Yesterday, Hannah and I sorted through all of the medical supplies we could find in the house. We had already taken a few boxes to a nurse friend who is involved with medical missions, so there wasn't as much as there could have been! We divided things in to three bins--one for g-tube and feeding supplies, one for wound and ostomy care supplies, and another for miscellaneous medical supplies and equipment--including spare thermometers, stethoscopes, medicine measuring cups, etc. This cleared room for some of James' other feeding supplies--formula and pedialyte--which frees up some room in the pantry. Sorting the pantry is another goal for this week.

Below are photos of our closet. We have just one between the two bedrooms (Owen sleeps in the loft over the bedrooms). One side of the closet is shelves. Each of us has a shelf and bins where needed instead of dresser drawer space. It is very different and not perfect, but I like it very much. There is plenty of room on other shelves for towels and washcloths, linens and paper products. There is an iron and ironing board in the closet and an outlet to make it easy to use--there is plenty of room to set up the board. The other side of the closet is all hanging space, with shelves at the top. I still need to take everything out of the closet at some point and finish caulking and paint the whole thing. It will happen soon enough. In the meantime, this is working very nicely!

Prayer request: I am amazed for all James has been through that we haven't seen too many of the bills. I don't like that as I think it is important for someone to know the value of the medical care they or their family members receive. Lately, due to changes in our insurance situation with Vern's job, we have seen more and more bills. Not that much is due on them at this point, but we are seeing these bills because our insurance company (United Healthcare, the old Blue Cross/Blue Shield, if I understand these things correctly) is 'waiting' for continuity of coverage letters for James, because most of his needs are 'pre-existing'. I do not know why it is taking so long to get this squared away, but I am getting concerned about the 'help' we are not getting. We submitted James' continuity of coverage from Minnesota and explained that he was then covered by Georgia medicaid, and continues to be. We can get no continuity of coverage letter from GA medicaid because, well, because he is still covered by medicaid as a secondary insurance.

So, the prayer request is that we can get everything in place to demonstrate that James has had insurance coverage all along, so that his insurance coverage will continue through his treatment and for other medical needs that will be coming up again soon.

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