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Thursday, January 10, 2008

An important request

When we were getting settled in the hospital in Atlanta, we got an e-mail from friends about a friend of theirs whose little guy was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma. We prayed for little Nathan McClean and then, I regret to say, got pretty wrapped up in all that was going on with James. We thought of him, but didn't continue to follow his story. Recently, we got another note with updates from our friend. Nathan has, since April, had quite an incredible journey, including surgery, chemo and a tandem stem cell transplant.

Because of the way our oncology floor is set up at Egleston, we've had some pretty close contact with families experiencing a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. I can say, unequivocally, that it is an INCREDIBLY intense time. Even the doctors say that it really is awful, terrible, and horrendous what they put children through to try to get them better.

The greatest risk with transplant patients (similar to, but moreso than those on chemo) is infection. Well, it appears that little Nathan has a whopper parasite infection in his blood. He also has lesions on his brain. Tonight they began the three medications they hope will conquer the parasites--there is some concern that they may be too advanced. Tomorrow morning they were planning to do surgery to biopsy the brain lesions, since they have been able to get no other clues about what they are so they can treat them.

The family is in Louisville, Kentucky. They have tremendous faith and an incredible support network. I know they would appreciate your prayers for Nathan. You can learn more by visiting their Caring Bridge Site.

Thanks for stopping by.. and for praying.

Love, Stephanie

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