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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hit by a Mack truck

Monday I was eating lunch with the children, minding my own business, when I realized I was REALLY tired and my back and shoulders and arms and legs were starting to ache. I said I was going to lay down to rest to see if went away. Then I started coughing. It hurt in my upper chest to cough--like a little Christmas tree light bulb burst each time I coughed. Katie has been having a cough and the general yucks for about a week and she confirmed that this, indeed, was how it started for her too. Bummer. I thought she had a bad cold, but this is looking more like an upper respiratory influenza kind of a thing.

Owen has joined me. Lucky him, he got the intestinal flu part too--or mostly. Still pretty weak and sleeping a lot today, but hoping to be back up on our feet tomorrow. James has to go to Macon for lab work to determine if he gets chemo at home tomorrow night.

So far everyone else is staying healthy. Please pray with us that we don't pass this all around and James especially doesn't get it.

Thanks for checking on us. We miss hearing from some of you. How is your new year?

Love, Stephanie

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