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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Battle at the OK potty

That's what Vern called it last night when I had to 'do some battle' with James. He has started taking a great interest in playing in the potty water and last night he was arming up with toilet paper. I suspect he was gearing up to fill the potty and get plenty wet when Carrie called out for help. I told him to 'hand it over' and Daddy narrated from there. Honestly, I had to turn around a few times, so James couldn't see me giggle or see my eyes sparkle. I was glad to skip the messy part, hopefully we're breaking him of his habit.

Today we went to Macon for lab work. I was driving when the nurse called with the results, so the only number I'm sure I remember is his hemoglobin which was 10.8. Not great for a normal, healthy little person, but wonderful for one on chemo. So his reward is more chemo at home tonight. Except for two runs to Atlanta and one to Macon, we have been home since November 20th. That's a whole month!!! Lord willing, we won't have to return to Atlanta until January 3rd for a clinic visit and lab work.

I still find myself walking around in a fog on occasion. Katie is my right arm when it comes to running the house and Hannah is my right arm in taking care of James. I really don't know how I'd do it without them both. I feel pretty divided between settling in to our new house (which still love), 'doing' Christmas, accomplishing normal daily activities (like school and laundry) and managing James care which really is an art.
Below is James in one of his favorite modes of transportation--the bear crawl.

Thanks for stopping by. Love, Stephanie

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