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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Children - and more

Over New Year's Day, we drove up to visit my mom and dad. We had a really enjoyable visit. Besides the good company, it actually got cold and we had snow flurries. This didn't excite anyone but me and Katie very much. I suspected I would miss winter when we left Minnesota-- I'm not asking for nine months of winter, just three to six weeks! ;*) It is just nice to be cold before I have to be so HOT all summer long.

But I digress.

My mom is very creative and she always has something crafty going on. Usually it's quilts, but not always. The children, between them, have about 18 quilts she has made just for one of them. Most of them are personalized with colors and themes. All of them are pretty, some are downright gorgeous.

In my younger days, my mom did a lot of embroidery work. In fact, she was a big designer for the now-defunct Sunset Designs. In her house, she has a computer/craft room. In her room, she has a bulletin board with ideas pinned to it for future or current project inspiration. I noticed this visit that there was a cute sketch on that board. It was a creative grouping of stick figures that remarkably resembled my children and even had their names on it! I wondered what it was for and sort of pictured in my mind, what it might look like in floss. I wanted to ask my mom, but I didn't want to spoil any surprise.

Later, she brought me a wrapped present. "Something I had just been able to finish," she said. She hoped it was okay and hope I liked it. I started to open it up--it was obviously in a frame--and as I peeled back the paper, I caught a glimpse of the corner. It looked like a living version of the drawing I had seen earlier on her inspiration board! I LOVE it and I just have to share it. If you know my children at all, this is totally them and it's a perfect addition to our new home.

So you can see how it all looks together in the frame.

Closer up, so you can, hopefully, see some of the details.

Thanks, Mom! I KNOW it will be a prized heirloom! I love you!!!

Love, Stephanie

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Mom/Nona said...

I'm glad you're loving 'The Skelly Family Portrait' (or SFP as A.F. and I dubbed it over the months it was in progress) -- and pleased that you are sharing it on your blog. Looks kinda neat to see it hanging. It was a fun project to work on needless to say!
love you too - hugs and love to all, Mom/Nona :*)
P.S. Where is it hung - there weren't any 'clues' included in the photo (i.e. furniture/window etc)