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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Go, sort of

Yesterday, we had a party through to look at our house. It was cold and we stayed here during the showing. They seemed very interested in the house--particularly in the heating system. They are transferring into the area with the DNR. That's all we know at this point.

Today, Jeanne met with us to go over the contracts for all the houses leading up to buying ours. The folks that hope to buy our house have only one contingency remaining for financing, which depends on them selling their house. They are using local financing and have been asked all the questions to be sure all the bases are covered and there will be know surprises. The folks that hope to buy their home are in the same basic boat and we are comfortable with them as well. The buyers for this first home are from out of town. They have no house to sell, but they are an unmarried couple (at present) and one of them has a divorce that must be final in order for them to close on their home (the most expensive of the three houses involved here). They are also using financing from out of town, which sometimes causes problems (i.e. with appraisals done by folks who don't know the area here, lack of familiarity with the buyer, etc.).

We would not normally be inclined to pray for someone's divorce to be final. Many times we've prayed for reconciliation and for the process to be interrupted. Yesterday, Jarod blogged about jurisdiction and we are wondering if, perhaps, that issue applies here.

So this is where my swimming race analogy falls apart. Instead of "GO!!", we are sort of waiting a little more. Tomorrow, Jeanne will check with the out-of-town lending agency and with the realtor about the divorce situation. Then we will proceed toward closing on March 23rd, but our house will continue to be on the market and we will have it shown. This could be a little tricky with packing and with selling items we don't plan to move with us. While we aren't exactly diving in the pool and swimming as fast as we can, maybe we get to do some warm up laps for a little while.

It's a little better that standing out on the platform.

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