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Friday, February 2, 2007

Before I forget

Okay, so I got carried away with the current events and story stuff. Now for the news you've been waiting for:

An update on yesterday's house showing.

Straight from our awesome realtor Jeanne Streu (Rothstein Realty--can't give her a higher recommendation):

"Hi, This is the home that has just been listed of the purchasers of your home. It is funny as I sold that house maybe three owners ago. It seems to be a fair price and nice neighborhood. I think it has a good chance of moving right away. I just got a call from Bob Ellies, he just got done showing your house and he couldnt say enough good things about it. He asked me to fax the heat bills to him , he still had more to show but he certainly sounded positive. I will give you more details when l talk to you."

She also sent us a link to the listing for the house that our buyers are selling

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