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Friday, February 2, 2007

100,000 miles

I suppose you might be wondering why this is pre-empting a status report on yesterday's house showing. Well, simply put, this milestone happened first!

While on errands into town during the house-showing yesterday the Big Van reached 100,000 miles and some of us actually watched the odometer roll over right in front of our county courthouse! Inspired by a friend whose truck recently went over 50,000 miles, we were sure to have our handy-dandy digital camera with us and we took PICTURES! Yay!

Which brings me to another issue. We got a really neat new digital camera as a Christmas gift and I finally got around to learning how to download pictures to our computer. Well, after reading the manual and talking to Vern, I discovered that we have finally technologically outgrown our 1998 TigerDirect PRO 333 Special computer. Boo...hoo, hoo.

So, we are now in the computer market (looking at budget laptops), but we promise pictorial evidence as soon as possible.

Consider this post like the book... with 'the movie' to follow.

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