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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another big week

For some reason, I have a feeling we've got a few more big weeks ahead of us.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Vern's birthday. It 'just so happened' that his day off fell on his birthday and we enjoyed the afternoon and evening together as a family. We like to enjoy lots of good food around here and that is generally the 'theme' of every birthday celebration. Vern's was no exception. Katie made bagels so we could have bagel-wiches (fried egg with cheese on a toasted bagel) for breakfast. These are a favorite of Vern's. We haven't had them for some time since the hens haven't been laying many eggs and we haven't been buying bagels. Katie's were the best we've had in a long, long time. They were also a reasonable size--smaller than 'boughten' bagels. For Vern's dinner we had Shrimp Etouffe--another big treat. He was thinking about his birthday meal when the grocery store had a coupon deal for shrimp. So he picked some up and decided on Shrimp Etouffe.

I had a bunch of nice things I wanted to say about Vern on the occasion of his birthday, but I wasn't able to get them down before my steel trap opened unexpectedly and let them all loose. I will say, though, that while our life together has certainly taken many unexpected twists and turns, I would do it all over again and still look forward to growing old together. I thank God for you, Mr. Bear!

Wednesday was also the last local Down syndrome support group meeting. It is always so encouraging to see other moms and their children with Down syndrome. The children are so precious and so are the moms. I wish everyone could have a chance to meet these special people.

James has had a rough few days which we initially attributed to teething. Saturday, we noticed some things that prompted us to call the nurse line at the hospital and she recommended we bring James in within four hours. Since Grandma is here and Vern had gone to work, Owen got the van ready and warmed up for us. He cleared all the snow off and disconnected the trailer then helped get James into his seat. Katie and I loaded up James and headed out. It didn't take the ER doc long to diagnose James with Bell's palsy. I'll need to take him in to see his pediatrician on Monday. We are hopeful that it will quickly run it's course and James' nerve will be back to normal. This seems to have caused somewhat of a setback with James' eating since sometimes Bell's Palsy affects the taste buds.

We woke up this morning to about seven inches of fresh snow. That is more than we have had all winter so far and it is the first time folks have been out plowing driveways. We would have been snowed in if it weren't for Grandpa John. He called this morning, knowing that Vern's tractor (that runs the snow blower) was in the shop, and offered to come plow us out. Everyone is glad to have a chance to play in the snow before we leave. Some of us had been saying that we would miss the snow next winter... until someone else pointed out that we weren't getting any snow to speak of anyway--certainly not enough to slide or ski in. So now we remember and we will miss the snow.

The forecast is promising more snow showers this week and there is plenty to do to prepare for the move. We have a heads up that a second party wants to look at our house this week (they understand that we are getting ready to move and don't expect a show place). Vern realize this morning that his last day of work is two weeks from today. We have had some interest in the chickens and pens, Praise the Lord! Off we go!!!


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Hannah Banana said...

~For some reason, I have a feeling we've got a few more big weeks ahead of us.~

You said it. It's going to be a couple big weeks ahead! Whoo-ee!