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Friday, August 22, 2008

We made it! Praise the Lord!

Well, James made it! We are rejoicing here by enjoying our regular Friday Night Pizza and movie.

James got his last dose of steroids yesterday morning, but he is still steroid-hungry. That is certainly a silver lining to the steroid thing!

Today he has eaten:

1-1/2 home-canned peaches
1/2 c. scrambled eggs
8 oz. orange juice (EIGHT OUNCES--this is a Hallelujah Record!)

TWO bananas
1 piece of celery (a first!)

1/2 homemade pieroshky with gravy
1-3/4 c. homemade yogurt (plain, with honey)
4 oz. orange juice

one of those yucky frozen-pops-in-a-bag-thing-ies :*)
a piece of bacon

5 more oz. orange juice
1/2 peach (picked off a piece of peach pizza)
a whole piece of homemade double crust pizza, stuffed with onions, tomatoes, a little bacon with cheese on top minus the crust

about 3/4 cup of Breyer's chocolate chip ice cream

I think this is a whole record day for James eating...

Truly the most amazing part of this steroid/g-tube time is that his site was a little tender this last Thursday when we got vincristine and started steroids. Yesterday, his site looked better than it has looked in about a month and James was no longer wincing every time we touched it!

To God be the glory! Thanks for praying!

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