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Friday, August 15, 2008

A couple of prayer requests

Yesterday, James got his 'hard chemo'. It isn't hard to get (although he does have to get stuck for it), but it is hard on his little body. So are the steroids he takes for the week following.

If there will be any difficulties with this round of chemo, we wont' see them until next week sometime (Mon-Wed, more than likely). Please pray that God's will would be done... and if it is at all possible within that, that we could stay home again and James would have no difficulties. Wisdom to help in that would be good too!

We also have a cancer friend (actually I know his mom from the hospital), David North. He has suffered much since his second Bone Marrow Transplant in April 2007 and learned this week that his leukemia is back again. With a vengeance. Seventy-five percent of his bone marrow cells are leukemia and they have no more drugs to fight with. His doctor believes he has only a few weeks left.

I saw his mom yesterday in Atlanta and she said the only way she is making it is to keep her eyes on Jesus. She is a dear, gentle woman and and she loves David with all her heart. Please pray for David, Pam and the North family.

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