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Monday, August 18, 2008

James on steroids

James' little face is starting to puff and his appetite is increasing. He ate like a little piggie today and we are so thrilled. The more he eats and drinks, the less we need to use his g-tube for feeding and fluids, the less we use his g-tube, the less of an issue the pressure on the g-tube site to cause erosion! So far, his g-tube looks pretty good from the outside.

Today James ate:
a little bit of apple juice
1/8 cup ice cream to help the morning meds go down

1 quesadilla
4 peach halves
3/4 cup chocolate ice cream

2 T. pulled pork with barbecue sauce
3/8 cup corn with butter, salt
2 oz. herb iced tea
1-1/4 cup yogurt/jello parfait
generous 1/2 cup chocolate ice cream

He would have eaten more ice cream but we need to save some for the rest of the week!

Thanks for praying with us. Please don't stop. And let's give the glory to the Lord.

Call upon me in the day of trouble. I will deliver you and you shall glorify me.

Psalm 50:15

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