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Sunday, December 16, 2007

This weekend's excitement

Yesterday it rained. It was wonderful. I felt like Sarah, Plain and Tall when it rained in Maine after there had been such a terrible drought on their farm. I thought about the romance of stepping off the porch and turning slowly in the rain, drinking it in. However, it was quite a heavy rain and the temperature was around 60 degrees and it wasn't long before the reality of being soaking wet in the relative cold and wind took over my thoughts and I just admired the glorious falling water through from the dry porch.

It wasn't long before the power went out. This, of course, made me very grateful for the thought of being cold and wet and how it deterred me from doing something I would have regretted. Gratefully, we chose a gas cooktop and lunch preparationg was unhindered. Our work on closet shelving was cut short and then we were a little concerned about water. We still don't have back up water here for drinking, washing or flushing potties.

It was about three hours before power was restored (a dead tree had fallen on a line) and that was just the same time we were able to power up a neighbor's generator to see about getting the water running into the tub--just in case.

Later in the evening, there was a flurry of activity as someone discovered water dripping from a light fixture in our big common closet, between the bedrooms. Vern and Owen crawled out into the attic space to discover water running in around a plumbing vent. They employed a clever version of the normal leaky roof stop gap and checked it often until the downpour subsided.

This morning we learned, from neighbors who have a rain gauge, that we had four inches of rain over yesterday and last night. Praise the Lord. Today was crisp and clear. Not cold by Minnesota standards, certainly, but a welcome relief from the summer heat that came our way earlier this week.

After church and lunch, Vern and Owen set out to climb Mt. Skellyrest to repair the leaky roof. I got to provide ground support and everyone else got to watch. Katie photographically recorded the event for posterity. I'll try to put the pictures in another post--this one isn't working.

We remaining very grateful for the Lord's provision and protection in our lives.

Love, Stephanie for all

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