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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Slow and steady wins the race

Owen and I spent a slow day at the house today. We did a little baseboard trim (we did quite a bit yesterday), but we stopped when we realized that the reason we couldn't get our corners quite right was that the blade on the compound miter saw was off and we couldn't correct it.

We decided to go ahead and work on cutting purlins that we needed to set between the studs on the walls we are planning to cover with beadboard panelling. We made some good progress on that effort and we also did a rough sanding on the front door, which is fir.

Vern stopped by on his way home from work and fixed our saw blade, so we are looking forward to finishing up all the baseboard we can tomorrow and having corners that meet just right, Lord willing, of course!!!

Last night, Bruce, who is helping us with the finishing work, asked how the baseboard was coming along. My reply, "Umm, I think we're going to need some extra caulking." Tonight, when he came home, he had stopped to see our house, on the way (we are living with Bruce's family while we build our house, which is just 1.2 miles away). He said the baseboard looked pretty good... that we wouldn't need near as much caulking as I had apparently led him to believe!! PTL!

Thanks to Katie, things keep moving along at home... this whole thing is definitely a family affair, even if we can't all be all together while we are working on it.

Have a blessed day! And please let us hear from you...

Love, Stephanie

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