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Thursday, September 6, 2007

A sad day

A couple of weeks ago, Hannah, James and I were heading to Macon for James' blood transfusion. It was handy to be able to be closer to home and Hannah had thoughtfully loaded up all our travelling necessities in the car. When I got into the car, Hannah and James were already buckled in the back seat. I started the car and pulled the gear shift back into Reverse. In an instant, my elbow bumped something and I heard a small splash. Hannah cried, "Oh no!" The rest was a blurr.

The splash, I am very sad to report, was our digital camera landing in a cup of gatorade. I am even sadder to report that the drowning was quick and though all hands leapt to and quickly rescued the camera, it was already too late. And right in the middle of building a house.

The silver lining in all this is that we didn't lose the memory chip in the camera, so we have all those pictures and we have borrowed Lynn's camera a couple of times with our memory card to take a few pictures.

The camera was a gift from Grandpa John and Grandma Nan--special friends in Minnesota. And it was a very nice camera. May it rest in peace.

Love, Stephanie

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