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Friday, February 13, 2009

Technical (and not-so-technical) difficulties

We have had a month or so of technical difficulties. First, it was our dial-up connection, then our computer died. We recently got connected back to the internet with DSL (woohoo) and we used Christmas money (thanks Mom and Dad) to get a new-to-us reburshed Gateway laptop.

We have hit high-tech and it's kind of nice.

Now we just have to keep from getting distracted!

The children have found some old I Love Lucy shows (it's fun to listen to Owen 'giggle') :*). They've also found some incredible videos on National Geographic. And when folks share a link to a video we can watch....sometimes :*).

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving with my family. We saw my brother for the first time in almost eight years and we all agreed not to wait so long for the next visit.

Christmas was quiet at our place. We were passing around something which James got full blown between Christmas and New Year's. He got it the worst and we spent a couple of days in the hospital. He still isn't all the way back up to speed yet--he isn't eating and drinking as much as he was before he got sick, but he is SO much better.

This weekend we are hoping to do lots in the garden and outside. We have gotten some inside projects done over the last couple of months. I'll try to share some of what we've done. But I may just jump in where we are...

As always, we love hearing from you... Please post a comment... or drop us an e-mail (stephanie [dot] skelly [dot] ga [at] gmail [dot] com.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :*)...

Love, Stephanie

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