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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blindman's Bluff....James' way

This morning we started an impromptu game of Blindman's Bluff. All of us children played. Owen was the first blindman and was pretty good at not running into things. James thought he would like a turn too. His way.


How many blindman are there?

I'm gonna get you!

Watch out, Owie. I'm coming

Lil' James, you're such a cutie pie.
James thought the best way to play was having the bandana on his head and not over his eyes. The cutest thing was when he started calling, "Buh Mah" for blindman. I know its supposed to be a barrel of fun, but I think James is 36 pounds of fun. (and work, too.)

This afternoon, I caught James on Becca's bunkbed. Shooting arrows like James' favorite, err, one of his favorite video heroes, Robin Hood , which we bought at Walmart last summer.
James draws 'air' arrows from his quiver and pulling back the bow and letting go with a 'hsss' or something like that.
Love, Hannah

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