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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

James' ears

On Monday, James had a minor surgical procedure to insert tubes into he ears.

He has never had an ear infection, but his new ENT doctor said he had fluid behind his ears and that is never a good thing for someone with hearing loss.

As James' pediatrician said at his pre-op exam last week, "There really isn't any minor surgery." Of course that has to do with anesthesia. James is always considered a special case because of his Down syndrome. He has never had any unusual trouble with anesthesia, for which we are grateful.

Even with so-called minor procedures, we lose at least three days. One for all the pre-op appointments, a day for the surgery--because getting up early and going under anesthesia will wipe out a boy, his sister and his mom..and make a boy really needy--and another day for the post-op/follow-up stuff.

I'm not complaining. I'm just saying.

Today, James is pretty much back to normal. I think he is already hearing just a tad better. Next week we go for followup appointments and hopefully for new hearing aid molds and a hearing test.

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