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Friday, September 26, 2008

56 weeks to go

Yesterday, James, Hannah and I drove to Atlanta to see James' oncologist and GI doctor. While we always prefer to be home, it was a good drive and a good day.

First, we saw Dr. Keller and the clinic folks. Since this was just a visit and James had no procedure, he was a busy little guy and all his fans and followers were thrilled to see his shining personality sauntering around the hallways. They're always excited about hair, since so many of the children there are without--or it's quite short.

Dr. Keller said he had just counted this morning and James has 56 weeks of treatment left. That means he's finished 74 of 130 weeks. We all hope we are on the downhill side!

We talked about James pull-through surgery--that's what they call it when they put the intestines all back together again. Dr. Keller wants us to wait until chemo is all done to make sure chemo doesn't hinder James healing. That is fine. It is nice to think about the timing.

Dr. Keller couldn't get over how great James looks--he's come a long way since we first met.

After James' scheduled appointment, we went over to the hospital side to see a couple of our favorite nurses.

Then we saw James' GI doctor--who also thought James looked great!--and talked a little more about James' pull-through surgery. Those 56 weeks could go by before we know it--they certainly have before!

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