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Monday, June 25, 2007

More than sufficient

Friday night, after we flushed James' lines, we decided that on Saturday night we would heplock his lines with a higher potency heparin that we still had from when we left Minnesota and brought James down to Georgia.

When I flushed James' line with saline Saturday night, it was a little easier to pull back and get a blood return, but there was still some resistance. Vern and I were pretty excited and grateful for the progress and continued with our original plan.

Last night, when I flushed and pulled back, I got a *sweet* blood return, with NO resistance!

Praise the Lord for His mercies! We'll continue to heplock with the higher potency heparin. Please pray that the Lord would move on 'the powers that be' that they would be willing to provide us with more of the stronger heparin to flush James' lines daily and keep them open. I hope to make an appeal the next time we are at the clinic.

Please also pray:
1. that we can get a good handle on James' feeds--he has vomited a few times this past week (something that he doesn't usually do), and it seems that sometimes it is related to his feedings (either the quantity or the feeding rate).

2. that the Lord would clear up the last of his mucous (mostly a clear runny nose--not sure if it is allergies, the tail end o mucousitis, or something else.

In other news:

I tried to post a batch of photos of life around here on Saturday, but encountered 'technical difficulties'. One of the side benefits of rural living. :*)

Today's plan is to go, as a family, to Dudley, GA, where Vern found a feed mill that will do custom blend feeds. He ordered a batch on Saturday and we will pick it up today. We'll drive a little further on to Dublin, GA so Vern can show us around there. I also have a few phone calls to make! Maybe we could swing by the library and use their computer connection to upload photos.

The chickens are growing like meaty little weeds and we are hoping to get them into the freezer the second or third week of July. Turkey are in the brooder and are doing splendidly. They should be ready to move out on pasture as soo as there is a pen for them. They should meet the freezer sometime in October. If you're in our area and interested in good, clean, locally grown poultry, please let us know!

Thanks for checking on us... and thanks for praying for James' lines.

Love, Stephanie

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