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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Momma Kitty

Last October we finally found a precious family who had a sweet kitty who needed a home. We couldn't take just any kitty. This kitty had to be a mouser and she needed to be able to live outside because we thought we had two family members who are allergic to cats. We were tickled to get our kitty...whom we named Kitty--creative, I know, but it really suits her. It turns out that our two 'allergic' members are not allergic to Kitty. Kitty's momma, Gracie is a good mouser and we now know that Kitty is as well. Gracie was a young momma, even as kitties go, but she was a good momma--teaching her kittens to hunt mice and to use a litter box.

A week ago, Kitty became a momma. She has two kittens and she is a wonderful momma. She is steadfast and patient in feeding and caring for them and they are growing like little weeds. We don't know yet if they are boys are girls (or one of each), but we are hoping that Kitty teaches them to be good mousers too. Then, we will have a trio of farm cats for our new little homestead.

You can see a picture of Kitty and her kittens here. Of course, the children are just mesmerized by the kitties. I don't think any of us realized how small new kitties are. And it is always wonderful to have new life around.

We are blessed.

Love, Stephanie

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