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Saturday, June 30, 2007

17 years ago today

On this very day, seventeen years ago, Vern took me to the top of Pike’s Peak near Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I lived. We ate donuts at 14,000 feet plus and walked around looking down and marveling and how teeny tiny everything was from this height. Then he popped the question. I can’t remember exactly how he asked, but I do remember gasping and quietly shrieking, “Yes!” even though I had a pretty good idea that this was coming. He told me he had intended to get down on his knee, but… and then he looked at the ground around us… there are an awful lot of sharp little rocks!

Since then, we joke that he asked me to ‘be his wife for the rest of his life’ on ‘the top of the world’.

Today we are sneaking away to have almost a weekend together. We won’t be far from home, in case they need us for something with James, but we’ll be alone. We are really looking forward to the time together.

I have this feeling we’ll sleep a lot!

Have a blessed weekend.

Love, Stephanie

P.S. If you'd like to share your proposal story, feel free to do so in the comments. If you put the story on your blog, please leave a link.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your time alone was all you wanted (and needed) it to be. As our children have gotten older, we find those little get-aways are all the more important to re-connect. You all continue to be in our prayers.
Burt had three interviews (all for the same job) at the company where he used to work and where Shon still works. We pray that this will be God's answer to our prayers for employment.
Things have been a little topsy turvy as Mary Kate is now being courted by a young man we met in Nashville. I knew the day was coming... whew!
Well, better get to that sewing. Patrick is napping :-)