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Monday, November 2, 2009

Minor change in plans

After talking with Vern and the folks at the clinic, we have decided to just go to Atlanta and have counts done there. We'll just pop in, get James' finger pricked and be on our merry way. Doing it this way, we can be sure that everything is looked at by the right folks and all the results are in the right place so those that need them (the surgeon, in particular) can get to them.

So, on Thursday, we will be taking field trip. Not sure yet what all of our stops will be, but hopefully it will be a nice day.

The nurse called today from the Day Surgery unit about James' tests and procedures on Monday. We have to be at Day Surgery at 6 in the morning.

So, we have two prayer requests:

1. That James' counts would be excellent and everything would look great (and be great).

2. That we can get a room at the Ronald McDonald house near the hospital for Sunday night. We won't know for sure until Saturday morning if they will have a spot for us.

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