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Saturday, October 24, 2009

969 days later

Edited: James' off treatment pictures weren't showing up for some reason. Hopefully it's fixed and y'all can see Mr. Handsome. If not please leave a comment and we'll try to figure out what's going on. Thanks, Hannah

On February 25th, 2007, Momma posted that for some reason, she had this feeling that we had several more big weeks ahead of us. And she was right. Though, none of us would have thought it would have turned out this way. Those several big weeks turned into 2 years and 8 months!
But yesterday, James took his very last chemotherapy pill at 7:10pm and is now officially OFF TREATMENT! In a way, I am so thrilled, for James, and me and our family. But it brings more unknowns... and unknowns are.... well, unknown. But not for God and that is full of comfort. Before we close the chapter on leukemia, I would like to share some pictures of James before, during and after treatment. GO JAMES!!!

Before leukemia and with hair....
(January 2006)

During Treatment

(March 2007)

(May 2007)

(December 2007)

(May 2008)

(August 2008)

(September 2008)

(February 2009)

(September 2009)

And now.... Officially OFF TREATMENT

Off treatment pictures by Daniel R. Simpson Photography

As I put this 'in review' post together I saw so many other pictures I would love to have shared with you. If you want to see more pictures and to read James' journey through treatment, the best place to start is in February of 2007 and then finish up here.

We are eternally grateful to everyone who supported us in this journey and continues to support us through everything coming up.

With gratefulness and happiness,



Nona said...

'GOOD JOB' Hannah (as your Mom would say). Well written piece and the photos are, of course, adorable. I couldn't get the three that Daniel took to expose themselves.. just little boxes w/x's in the corner. Anyone else have that problem? I revisited the old blogs/photos too. We praised God for James' chemo ending in SS this morning and prayed for the upcoming appts.
Love you - and more for all... Nona

Stephanie said...

Well, we think we have fixed it, but can't tell for sure. Can you check again?

Baby Blessings said...

Good post. That is exciting that the long journey is over! You are right, life is full of unknowns! I think it is good that we can't see the future! I would probably be a basket case! :>) Missed seeing part of you at church today. Stephanie, I will e-mail you tomorrow about the schmop (however you spell it!)

Nona said...

Got them this time - precious photos. A 'Good Job' to Daniel too!!! :*) (I know he's a professional) Am sending the link to Claudia M. for her to view.

Hugs - love you all, Nona