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Friday, September 18, 2009

Please Pray

A cancer family just found out that their son, Ricky, relapsed again with 14 lesions on his lungs. We met the James family in spring 2008 at a camp for families with cancer. Ricky had been declared NED (no evidence of disease) and was a ball of energy. A couple of months later, we ran across their caringbridge site and saw that Ricky had relapsed. He had chemo and surgery to remove the tumor and to place a urostomy. He finished treatment and was NED. A couple of days ago, Ricky had scans and a visit to his oncologist the next day. Last night, we found out from Ricky's mom, Shelli, that Ricky had relapsed. Would you please pray for them? That Ricky would go in remission quickly and the cancer wouldn't come back? Ricky is 4 and has a younger sister, Erin, who, I believe, is 2. Visit Ricky's caringbridge site for updates on him.

Another family is fighting HLH, a bone marrow disease. Their baby, Andrew, had 3 BMTs and passed away about two weeks ago. Their other son, Matthew, also has HLH (it's a genetic mutation) had a BMT a week before Andrew died. He was doing great and had been released from the hospital. Tuesday, Matthew got very sick and last night was taken to the PICU. Currently he is stable and the doctors are testing for infections. Please pray for comfort and healing for them. You will need to have a CarePage account to visit their site. Visit their Carepage for updates on Matthew.

Love, Hannah

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Offered a prayer!
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