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Monday, October 20, 2008

Can you say "Mack truck"?

Yesterday, I woke up feeling pretty crummy. Not as bad as when we had the flu back in January, but close. I'm already feeling some better, but definitely not back up to full speed. I slept and rested a lot yesterday, which allowed me plenty of opportunity to pray for friends.

David North is experiencing great difficulty breathing and doctors have told his family to expect his homegoing soon. He has decided he no longer wishes to be intubated and placed on ventilator, but just kept comfortable. I know his mom would covet your prayers for David and their family.

Hannah Cate and her family would appreciate prayers for a number of situations in their family including the 'night watch' which has been difficult lately, Hannah Cate's continuing treatment for leukemia, and some other family needs that God knows.

Hope you are well and enjoying the arrival of fall...and sometimes winter?... would love to hear from you!

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