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Friday, May 2, 2008


Yesterday was counts and chemo day. Momma, James and I left here around 8 a.m. to shop in Milledgeville and in Atlanta as well. We got to the clinic early and so we visited the third floor of the hospital to say 'Hi' to some of our favorite nurses who were working. They were pretty excited to see a taller James with a head full of hair toddling on the floor!

James' counts were good. WBC (white blood cells) 3.56. Hemoglobin was 12 and his platelets were 706k. James' ANC (Absolute Neutraphil Count--his ability to fight infection) was 2.28.

Momma talked to Dr.Keller about a protocol for the next time James gets vincristine and steroids. This time, we're going to try prednisone (James has gotten dexamethasone in the past.) to see what happens. Hopefully, the side effects from the prednisone won't be as bad as the dexamethasone. James will get vincristine and steroids on May 22nd. If I can get it to work, we will attempt to set up a sign-up to pray for James.

Dr. Mohammed, from GI, came over to see James and said his g-tube site looks "Excellent". He said to let them know if we have any trouble with this round of steroids.

We finished our shopping (at SAM's) and headed home, arriving around 10p.m--a long day, but a good one.

May 15th, we go to Macon for counts and James will get chemo at home.

Thank you all for praying, it does make a difference.

Blessings, Hannah

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Anonymous said...

Hannah: Your writing is excellent! I am so pleased to see you making this effort to communicate with the world at large. Well, it may really be the world at small, but it is good never-the-less. Also we are glad to hear that James is doing so well. Love, Nan and John-oh, the wound vac came off today for good, and he is healing up very well.