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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Screaming along

It seems that the folks down here in our little community have "squeaked" enough to the local phone company that we are now getting in the neighborhood of 44.0 Kbps connections to the WWW. Yee Haw!

I might even be able to post some photos from home at this speed!

James has done remarkably well this second half of this chemo cycle and we are very grateful. We came home from the hospital with TPN (IV feeds) and we are working at using his g-tube as we are able.

I asked Dr. Keller how long it will take the nerves, damaged by the vincristine, to regenerate. His answer, "Months." This goes with what happened with his last run of vincristine--3 doses in March, James didn't get enough strength to begin crawling and pulling up to cruise again until June. Dr. Keller wasn't sure if only getting 2 half doses this last time would make a difference.

That was Thursday. On Friday, James did a little crawling, so that is certainly something to rejoice over.

This week, we are just administering some at-home chemo and we will have to drive to the pediatrician's office for a blood draw. Dr. Keller suspects that James' counts will either require some blood products or maybe some time in the hospital. He said this is the most likely time for unscheduled hospital visits. We'd be grateful to bypass this one, of course.

The next scheduled hospital visit is August 27th.

In other news: Framing on our new house is scheduled to begin tomorrow. If you think about it, pray for cooler weather and protection for the guys doing the framing. I think Owen will be having a great field trip as long as they are working there.

Love, Stephanie

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