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Saturday, August 18, 2007

A fever and staph

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening in the emergency room with James in Macon due to fever. Because his counts were pretty good, they gave him an antibiotic and sent us home with instructions to give James tylenol every 4 hours and if the fever broke through the tylenol, we were to bring him back or call the oncologist on call in Atlanta.

We finally arrived home Friday night around 10 p.m. We learned that we had missed a power outage and were grateful that the lights and air conditioning were now back up and running.

In the first four hours at home, James' fever went up to 39.9* Celsius (104* Fahrenheit). We called the on-call oncologist and by the time she called back, James temperature had reached 40.2* Celsius (104.4* Fahrenheit) and she said to bring him on in to Children's in Atlanta.

We spent Friday night in the car and the emergency room. They did more labs and gave James more antibiotics and tylenol. Some time in the morning, we were moved up to the cancer floor. We learned that the first culture, from the ER in Macon, grew out staph. The doctors ordered a different antibiotic, which initially seemed to help.

Overall, James is improving. He is still spiking temps, but they aren't going quite so high (his highest temp so far has been 40.6* C (105.2 F) and the tylenol is helping to keep the spikes at bay a little longer each round.

In order to go home, James has to be fever free for 24 hours and he has to have a negative blood culture. Once those two criteria are met, James will need to have an additional 10 days of antibiotic. If he can be given a drug that can be dosed for once a day, we can do that at home. If it is more than once he attending physician told me that it could very well be a two week stay.

Please pray that God's will would be done and that He would keep James safe.

Thanks for checking on us.

Love, Stephanie


Anonymous said...

Stephanie and Family,

We will keep James in our prayers--I check in every couple of days.
We think of you all often. Caleb is near by at Fort Benning.

Pam Wiff

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, Vern and family.

I am Bonnie and know your Dad, Jim, from our church in Franklin. He has kept us abreast of little Jimmy's serious health problems and I just want you to know I and many of us are holding him and you all close in our hearts as you go through this difficult time. I'm encouraged by your latest update and will pray and send positive intentions that his fever goes away, that the antibiotic works and that his chemo treatment works.

I also hope your and your family will get back to a 'normal' level of adventure in south Georgia.
With love, Bonnie/ and hubby Mark.
PS. We think a lot of your father and know he loves you all very much.

The Skelly Family said...

Pam, thanks for checking on us and praying for James. We'll add Caleb to our prayers too. The Clayton's (the family we are currently living with while building our house) lived at Fort Benning for a while back in the 80s. Let us know how Caleb is doing when you can, please.

Thanks for leaving a note, Bonnie. My dad speaks highly of all the folks from church and we all (Dad included) appreciate your concern for our family and James.

Love, Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Caleb will be graduating from Advanced Basic Training this week. James and seven of the children are going to visit. I am staying home with Elias and our new two month old baby girl. John is also in the army and is receiving training in Arizona.

We will continue to pray for James and the building of your new home.

Pam W.