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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


James is resting by himself in the bed while Hannah and I set about accomplishing other things. He has vomitted a few times this morning and we're not sure why. We are waiting for another consult with th GI docs to see if they have any ideas. I sure hope it's not an intestinal bug... but then maybe that would be better than something else.

Sunday night it was looking 'impressive' and it leaked a good bit. So his nurse, who has some GI experience, requested that some more knowledgeable people take a look at James. Yesterday afternoon, a group of folks that had seen his big sore in the early stages came by to peek again. The consensus was that the pressure ulcer is improving. That is good news.

So at this point, we are mostly in waiting mode. Waiting the pressure ulcer to finish healing, waiting to finish his cycle of antibiotics, waiting to see if there is a reason for his vomiting and hoping in the meantime that it resolves itself.

Please pray for wisdom to help James, for his comfort and for complete healing from all that is troubling his little body now...

Love, Stephanie

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