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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Getting better all the time

James is mostly back to about where he was in February before he got his ALL diagnosis and got whacked with all the chemo. He is pretty active now which is great to see. The only down side with all his new activity is that it has become very difficult to keep his osotomy bag attached, but in the grand scheme of things, it is certainly something we can work with.

Today Katie and I brought James up to the clinic to begin his third phase of chemotherapy. As well as he as been doing, it was a little hard. We had been having some more issues with his central line (like no blood return from either lumen), but a visit to radiology to check placement seemed to fix that. We think it was the fit he pitched when I laid him down on the x-ray table. Anyway, both lumens finally gave a good blood return, the placement of the line looked fine and so he got his chemo.

He had a spinal tap, which was totally uneventful (PTL). And once he was ready took the vincristine and daunorubycin (sp?) readily through his lines. Aside from nausea, we probably won't see any side effects right away. If he has any, they wouldn't show up for a week or two or three. Vincristine is the chemo drug that we believe caused all his intestinal problems for the first two months of this adventure. He is only getting a half dose, so hopefully it won't cause any problems. It would probably be good to pray for no side effects from the chemo.

He will be back on steroids at home for 21 days. Next Thursday we will return to the clinic for more chemo and for an infusion of TPA which will, hopefully, break up the clot that is trying to form in his line.

As I finally get this finished up, it's actually Saturday morning (we were in Atlanta Thursday and Friday, staying at the Ronald McDonald house Thursday night) and James is doing very well, PTL.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Love, Stephanie

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