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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I kissed shampoo (and conditioner) good-bye!

(with apologies to Josh Harris)

If you don't already think I am nuts, you probably will soon.

I gave up shampoo. And conditioner. I haven't bought any for myself in over three months. And it is summer in Georgia.

I had read a number of things about shampoo and conditioner replacements and about how toxic commercial hair care products can be. And I thought I should do something. BUT, I live in Georgia, for goodness sake, and people SWEAT here. AND I have frizzy curly hair. HOW would I EVER make it without CONDITIONER. I was sure I would be one big, permanent, oily frizz ball.

Then my friend, Millie, mentioned her no 'poo method. And that she has frizzy hair--or did, before she kissed shampoo and conditioner good-bye. And I was convinced that I at least needed to give this a chance.

So, I took my empty tight-wad, unhealthy shampoo and conditioner bottles and rinse them with warm to hot water until I was sure nothing was left.

I filled my shampoo bottle 1/8th full of baking soda, added warm water, replaced the squirt top and shook to dissolve the soda. (Some like to add some essential oil or herbs for fragrance, but the next step makes that moot for me, so I just do the soda and water).

I filled my conditioner bottle 1/3 full of real apple cider vinegar, then added water to fill. No need to shake, but be sure to put the squirt top back on. It will be handy in the shower.

When I shower, I wash my face and neck first, especially if I've been doing 'dirty work'. Then I squirt the Soda wash all over my head and hair. I rub in around in my scalp with my fingertips, just like it was shampoo. Some say it sort of suds for them. I haven't seen or felt any suds. I wash down my hair with my fingers and then rinse... rubbing with my fingertips. The AMAZING thing is that my hair squeaks! and feels clean. One time, after a particular sweaty and dirty garden work day, I had to wash a second time. I knew this because after rinsing, my hair didn't have the squeaky clean feel like it should.

After rinsing the wash out, I squirt the hair rinse (water and vinegar) all over my hair. You don't want this in your eyes! I rub it around in my hair and then let it sit while I wash up and do whatever I need to do! When I am all done washing up, I rinse my hair thoroughly.

Only one time did I think I smelled like vinegar, but Vern said he didn't smell it.

My hair is softer than it's ever been. I can actually brush through it, which I usually cannot do because it is so thick, coarse and frizzy.

I always have baking soda and apple cider vinegar on hand, so it is easy to make up... and it is very inexpensive. I'm also confident that I'm not adding any extra toxins to my body.

Now if I can just win over the rest of the family!

(Notes: I did read somewhere that if you use henna, the vinegar is not compatible with that.)

Do you have any budget-friendly, natural ingredient recipes for hair care products that can be made at home?


Allison said...

Yeah for you! I'm not quite there yet. Tried some shampoo bars from a soap-making family once. Wasn't crazy about them. I don't think I've done the no poo on me (can't remember but I think I would!) but it's vital w/ Sophie's hair. Keep up the good work.

Stephanie said...

We did shampoo bars for a time too. They worked for Vern... maybe I should get him some more (then learn to make them). They didn't well for my hair at all.

Baby Blessings said...

I am going to try this.. maybe on the little kids first! :>) They don't care if they smell like vinegar!

Stephanie said...

Marcy, you are funny! It really doesn't smell like vinegar once it is rinsed out. I'm on my fourth bottle. And I figure I get about 7 washes/rinses per recipe. So I've used this somewhere around 25 times. I don't NEED to wash my hair as often, but I CAN if I've been working outside a lot.

If you do it on the littles, be really careful not to get the vinegar in their eyes. The baking soda makes the water feel very soft.

In MN, during the winter, I would only wash my hair once a month. That works down here for about 6 weeks.

Jamie Jo said...

Just rereading some of these posts. One thing I use is castor oil with olive oil (1:4 for my dry skin) as a face wash. I rub a small amount into my skin, and then rinse with a hot wet wash cloth. Removes my mineral make-up, too. I've also switched to all coconut oil for body moisturizer. I haven't gone no 'poo even though I keep reading about it. I use a solid shampoo from LUSH. Someday maybe I'll try it.