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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy times

I think the hardest part for me this surgery (besides praying and wondering about pain management) was the fact that James was doing so great before surgery. It is not so difficult to hand your baby over to the surgeon when you know his life depends on it... and he looks like he is depending on you to help him.

It's a little different when he looks the best he has in five years... and you're sending him anyway.

I believe it won't be long until James is back up to full speed and, since pain management has not been the nightmare this time that it has been in the past, I really have no regrets. Already his little belly looks more like that of a little boy and less like that of a war-torn veteran. That is certainly something to be grateful for... and I am!

I am also grateful for some sweet time yesterday. Just about the time I was wondering if this was our day of trouble since James had gone so long without food or drink, the Big Apple Circus clowns that are permanently assigned here showed up. They occupied James for about 45 minutes and I think they had just as much fun as we did!

If you want to see MORE pictures you can go here!


Donna said...

This is SO CUTE! So thankful God sent just what you needed when you needed them! He is right on time ALL the time. Love y'all.

M/N said...

Well I did my Nona thing.... I copied the link and sent it out in my latest update to James' Prayer List.... along with the report of Gas Passing!!! First comment that came back from Brenda Gray/CA "Gas Is GREAT!!" :*) K & C are in bed and I'm on my way. Had a really good day. Hugs and Loves for you three M/N