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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Incredible People

The people you meet when your child has cancer are really a rare and incredible breed. The variety is great. The people are nothing short of wonderful.

Three years ago, when we moved our cancer journey from Minnesota to Georgia, we met Bill Ruck and his son Pierce. Bill and Pierce introduced us to Love and Learning, a reading program designed for children with Down syndrome. But I digress.

We followed Pierce through his Care Page, diligently kept by his mom, Elena. We were devastated when Pierce relapsed about a year ago. We rejoiced when he made it through a Bone Marrow Transplant last August and we felt like the world had been pulled out from underneath us when Pierce relapsed again shortly after his BMT. Pierce left this world just before Christmas last year. We had hoped to be at his service the day after Christmas, but we all woke sick with res and knew we didn't need to go sharing.

Since then, Bill has been rallying his energies to reach out to other kids with cancer and he's started a new organization. It is called 'From Thin Air' since Bill is so good with 'magic' tricks (the sleight of hand kind) and he is working to make memorable evenings for children will cancer to give them a break from the grind of treatment.

Check out Bill's website: and follow from thin air on Facebook. You can probably friend Bill Ruck too.

If you have connections that might help Bill make special memories (like limos and restaurants and tickets to various events) or you know of a child in the Atlanta with health issues that could use a break from the grind of treatment, contact Bill and let him know.

He's the kind of guy that really wants to do all he can to help!

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