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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three whole years

With stomach flu and a few other distractions, I nearly missed a very important anniversary.

While I certainly wouldn't have asked for this kind of an anniversary, I am grateful to be where we are in our journey with childhood leukemia. Three years from diagnosis is really a HUGE milestone, and sadly, not everyone sees this anniversary. From this point on, James' statistical chance of relapse is as low as it will probably ever be... in a very good sense.

Of course, with all the side effects and other things that affected James during treatment, we still have a few hurdles to overcome. The biggest hurdle is getting everything in order to get his ostomy reversed. In the fall, we were hopeful that the surgery to repair James' ostomy would happen this winter. For a number of reasons, that was unrealistic on our part and probably not a good time to be in the hospital anyways! Now, we are hopeful, that, Lord willing and James' little body cooperates and works like it needs to, he will be ready for surgery sometime during the summer.

We are amazed that life keeps humming along here. James is doing well in so many ways--the rash he had on his face for the last half of chemo has cleared up (though the skin still looks tender). He is getting taller (though not gaining much weight, which is good to a point, but won't be good for too much longer). He is getting to do some more 'normal' boy things, like play in the dirt and be outside (that will also get more difficult as the weather warms and we struggle to keep his ostomy bags on... until he has his surgery).

We marvel again at God's incredible mercy to us and His great provision for James and for us.

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