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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick, Cheap, Nutritious Salmon Patties

Hands down, Salmon Patties are my favorite 'save' meal when I don't have a plan and need something nutritious, relatively quick for a scratch meal and inexpensive. Everyone in the family likes them... most love them!

Since we are feeding eight hungry people in our house, we multiply the recipe. In the summer, we can get by with a double batch (which makes 12-1/3 cup patties). We serve it with potatoes or brown rice and LOTS of garden veggies with butter! In the winter, when fewer veggies are available, we triple the recipe (which make 19 - 1/3 cup patties).

Don't panic! The above photo shows all the ingredients for a triple batch! (Except for the frying oil.)

First we'll figure out the cost:

3 cans wild caught salmon, undrained (I buy 4 packs from Sam's for $7.48; $1.87 for one can)
3 eggs from hens on pasture (We raise our own hens for eggs, but figuring $4/dozen, one egg is 33 cents)
3 rye crisp-type crackers (I buy packs of 32 Wasa light rye crackers from Big Lots for $1.80, one cracker is 5.6 cents)
3 handfuls of parsley, rinsed and drained (This is a great time of year for parsley in Georgia. I bought 3 plants for $9 last Spring and have harvested at least 30 handfuls, so one handful costs me 30 cents or less)
1 cup, approximately, coconut oil (organic virgin), for frying (I buy my coconut oil in bulk at an international market in Atlanta. My cost is $2.26 per pound, 1/3 cup costs me 38 cents)

Ingredients for my triple batch cost me $8.81....divided by 8 servings is just about $1.10 per serving.

Making the salmon patties is the easy part:

Dump the salmon into a bowl, add eggs, crumble in crackers and mix.

Pick the parsley apart into small pieces. Stir in.

Measure 1/3 cup servings....

And fry in coconut oil.

When I am in a hurry (and thinking), I will use my electric skillet instead of a frying pan.

This post is a part of Kimi Harris' Pennywise Platter. Click over to Kimi's blog, The Nourshing Gourmet, to find more low cost, nutritious and yummy ideas for your family!


Erin said...

Hi. This is my first time to read your blog, so I'm sorry if you've answered this question before. My in-laws live near Atlanta (in Cumming) and are trying to eat healthier. Do you know of a good farmer's market or co-op where they can get farm fresh produce, eggs and meat? They'd really appreciate it!

Stephanie said...

Hi Erin, thanks for stopping by.

I make a once-a-month run to Atlanta for appointments and do shopping while there. We are almost 3 hours away.

I do know that there is a reputable and popular local farm market in Decatur on Wednesdays from 4-7. The lady we get our grass fed beef from sells there. We have chickens and eggs, but we're a little far away, on the other side of Atlanta (see my other blog). I've heard those are in short supply at the Decatur Market.

I get my coconut oil at "Your Dekalb Market" on Ponce de Leon. They have some great prices, some not. You have to ask for some bulk items if they're not out, but we have found it to be worth it.

Stephanie said...

Erin, I went back and looked at mapquest. There is a farm up north of Atlanta... called Carlton Family Farm... I understand they 'have it all'... :*) Best wishes to you and your folks... If I can help, let me know.

Millie said...

Salmon patties are 'fast food' here too. We all love them. I use sourdough bread crumbs instead of crackers with excellent results. I've never added parsley (mostly because I rarely have it on hand) but it sounds wonderful. I also sometimes make a 'sauce' for them out of yogurt and dill. Yummy!

Anonymous said...


We love salmon patties! It's one of my "pull-a-rabbit-out-of-a-hat" dinners when the day has gone crazy and everyone is hungry :)
I live on the northwest side of Atlanta and we get our milk from Carlton Farms. They are wonderful.