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Monday, March 3, 2008

A quick update

We have been busy here. James has been a little needier the last couple of days and we have been working on homestead things--like clearing land and trying to plant 2 peach trees and a fig tree which were gifts for Vern's birthday. We hit another big root in the garden too. It wasn't a pine stump and so didn't burn like the second stump did. Today Owen was able to dig down further and cut it out. Yeah, Owen!

James is doing well, all things considered. His g-tube site is showing some signs of begin to erode. I spoke with several folks today and the wound/ostomy nurse attributes it to any form of pressure combined with steroids. James' oncologist said the steroids should be in his system enough to inhibit healing until day 10--day 1 on steroids was last Thursday, so day 10 is this Sunday. We have been using tylenol some to help with James' discomfort--the g-tube site is tender--and we are dressing the g-tube differently. If this doesn't help and it gets worse in the next day or so, we will need to see about getting James in to see Dr. Tenjarla, his GI doctor.

We continue to be grateful for your prayers and encouraging notes. We always enjoy hearing from you!

Thanks for checking on us.

Love, Stephanie

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