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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A step in the right direction

We actually have a contract on our house that has been for sell since February 16, 2005--but who's keeping track? :*)

Because we don't yet have a closing date and the sale is contingent on the buyers selling their house in town, it doesn't really fell much different yet. We understand they are motivated to sell and plan to list their house at a marketable price. The house is in what is considered to be a desireable area of town.

If we get another offer on the house, these buyers will have 96-hours (four business days) to come up with alternative financing (like a bridge loan) before we can actually sell the house to new buyers. We are kind of hoping this will happen. We do know of one other party interested in looking at our house and we have also scheduled an Open House for Feb 11th.

We lowered the price significantly a week ago, so that has made our house one of the best deals in it's price range (if not the best) and put it within the reach of a different group of buyers.

While we are hopeful that this will work out, we aren't putting all our hope in this either. We know that the Lord has a plan to work out in His own timing and while we are committed to doing our part toward moving things along, we are certainly mindful about Who is in control here!

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